Call for Papers – ICOM Museum International: Empty Museums.

Call for Papers – Museum International: Empty Museums.

ICOM is preparing an issue of Museum International entitled ‘Empty Museums’ (Vol. 73, Nº 291 – 292). Therefore, it is inviting authors to send in proposals that reflect on the variety of challenges brought about by the latest crisis to impact the museum field: the Covid-19 pandemic, and its social, economic and political fallout.

Contributions may address topics like:

- Covid-19: new crisis, old crisis?

- Inequality in crisis;

- Impact of museum closures on visitors/local communities;

- Management in the face of unexpected crises;

- Online activity and the future of the bricks-and-mortar museum;

- New governance, operational and financial models;

- Evolving and new professional roles; new employment and working conditions.

The abstract submission deadline is 23 April 2021.

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March 29th
03:40 pm