Gabrielle Harrington, Australia (Class of 2018)

“As I have just completed my dual Masters this June, I am currently looking towards expanding my practical experience in the heritage industry. Presently, I work as an Education Officer at the University of Sydney Museums an das a Curriculum Program Deliverer at Sydney Living Museums. As a result of my dual award experience I have discovered that I have a passion for heritage management and am currently looking at ways that I can work towards this goal. I am also passionate about developing public programs and educating others about heritage. I am hoping my future career lies in either of these two areas.”

Alumni Wisdom:
The dual award program was such a wonderful experience not only for the education I recieved but also because of the amazing people I met and the life experience I gained from living in a foreign country. I would encourage anyone who is interested in a career in heritage to apply for this dual award program.