Gayathri Hegde, India (Class of 2017)

“I am currently employed as a Heritage Conservator (Conservation and Heritage Management) with GN Heritage Matters, Bangalore, India. In working with different heritage sites, my job allows me to utilise the understanding and skills acquired through the dual-degree program. Notably in engaging with the World Heritage site at Hampi, I am able to employ a comprehensive outlook in the research and analysis works. It is very satisfying to be able to use the tools from my educationtraining at BTU and Deakin. I am still striving to establish an EPWG India network and in the meantime, as recognition of my efforts, I was given the position of being the Indian representative for the same.“

Alumni Wisdom:
Make the best out of the golden opportunity given to you. BTU and Deakin are at the centre of heritage studies universe and you will be right in the middle of it all.