Jaclyn Chua, Singapore (Class of 2023)

Being in the field of conservation has been an exciting and fulfilling journey which I feel fortunate to have encountered. My background in architecture has allowed me to work as a Consultant specializing in Architectural Conservation in Singapore. My work varies from fieldwork and providing technical and liaising with different consultants and Architects. I've also been part of larger thematic surveys and analyses of various built typologies in Singapore in collaboration with local authorities. My exposure to heritage also expands regionally in urban studies in the UNESCO heritage cultural landscape of Georgetown and the conservation of industrial heritage in Alishan Taiwan. In my capacity as a young member of ICOMOS Singapore, I and have conducted a public talk and authored a part of the conservation technical handbooks.

Whilst I thoroughly enjoy my work, I took up world heritage studies at BTU and was fortunate enough to be in the dual degree program. I wish to expand on my skills and knowledge, explore the bigger ecosystem of world heritage and be a part of critical heritage research. What I find most interesting is heritage's connection to meaning-making, remembrance and identity.  This inclination is borne from my personal curiosity and experience with the phenomena of cultural disconnect and amnesia. Thus my urge to bring hidden narratives to light and form meaningful temporal connections and continuity between the past, the present and the future.

My interest in heritage also includes that of education, interpretation, management and public policy. Especially in terms of participation, advocacy, accessibility and transparency. This is in alignment with my wish to empower local communities to meaningfully claim their homes and the lands they inhabit. I also have a vested interest in alternative narratives and the intangible aspects of heritage such as mythology, folklore, spirituality, emotions in heritage and their meanings and manifestations in the physical environment, the arts, culinary, other living cultures and the general psyche of societies.'