Lea Brönner, Germany (Class of 2017)

Contact: b.lea@web.de

Lea Brönner is a cultural officer, currently working in Cultural and Events Management at a retirement home in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. While her former experience was mainly based on intercultural exchange in an international context, she is currently trying to grasp the role and potential of intergenerational work in German society. She is interested in personal biographies and the value of sharing these as a form of heritage learning. Lea Brönner has great passion for the educational sector and enjoys both the conceptional and practical part of projects which have a direct impact on people, making cultural experiences and cultural learning accessible for all, irrspective of their origin, age or financial means. Since 2017, she is a volunteer in the Project Management of Haiti Piano Project, a cultural project for human development in Haiti (https://haitipianoproject.org/). She lived in Central America for various years and is particularly interested in heritage in the Latin American context.

Alumni wisdom:
The Dual Degree Programme intelligently combines the strength of both universities and helped me to develop a profound understanding of the challenging task to work in an international context, while being sensible of the local needs.