Nicole Knoles, USA (Class of 0)

"Prior to Uni, I was unware of humanities and social sciences as academic disciplines and possible career paths. But when I began learning linguistics, anthropology, history, etc. I felt I was finally home. It is fascinating to learn how each culture interacts with the world and how this affects so much of our daily lives. My love for culture led me to the Heritage field because I wanted to learn the methods behind revitalizing and preserving Indigenous culture and traditions.   

I was actually unaware of the heritage field until I discovered the program(s) at BTU and Deakin. However, I believe heritage is very closely related to my undergrad studies. I briefly wrote about the specific moment that brought me here in the question about my background. Just to reiterate, I always enjoyed learning about the world and culture, but until college I did not know you could actually study these topics. Culture is at the root of heritage, in my opinion, and I felt I needed to learn more practical methods to help prepare me for jobs in cultural preservation and revitalization."