Tanja Ehrlein, Germany (Class of 2017)

“I have probably always been pretty enthusiastic about history, art history and cultural topics. However, during my archaeological studies in Freiburg, I was wondering about how a city's or site's history defines the identity of the people who live in their surroundings and whether those sites and the stories they tell can have a positive impact on a community in terms of bringing the people closer together. I grew up in cities, which are called "superdiverse" in Germany. In Nuremberg for instance, 47% of the people do have an international history. However, this diversity does not reflect in the local cultural audiences. In order to make cultural heritage accessible to all the people, I decided to go to the field of heritage. Because I do believe, that in heritage and the arts, we can find a common ground on which we can grow closer together as a transcultural European or global society.”