Capacity Building Workshop on Nature-Culture Linkages in Asia and the Pacific

"The purpose of the Capacity Building Workshops on Nature-Culture Linkages in Asia and the Pacific (CBWNCL) is to contribute to the World Heritage Capacity Building Programme led by ICCROM and IUCN, in consultation with ICOMOS and the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, in developing new approaches towards integrated conservation of cultural and natural heritage. These workshops, started in 2016, explore nature-culture linkages with focus on theory and practice in Asia and the Pacific Region. The visit to Japanese heritage sites forms a core component of the programme, where participants conduct practical work. Participants will be able to understand issues and explore approaches being adopted in the field.


  • To provide the existing knowledge on Mixed sites and the implications of their nominations and post-inscription management aspects by dividing nature and culture within a single site.
  • To provide the knowledge being developed about sites as landscapes recognizing the nature-culture linkages and the benefits of working together for effective management of Mixed sites in general, and in participants’ own sites/case studies in particular.
  • To visit and exchange experiences with local managers and residents and learn how cultural and natural heritage values have been protected and conserved with different approaches, initiatives and governance systems. 
  • To establish networks among heritage practitioners in the region."

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September 09th
01:16 pm