Levent Tökün, Turkey (Class of 2020)

"I always loved global history, which is quite diverse but also connected to one another. Yet, rather than studying it as a war/conflict history which is highly chronological and one-sided, I chose to study the materials that humans produced for different purposes in the history. That is why, archaeology and history of art or cultural heritage provided me the opportunity of understanding the concepts and motives of people to create materials such as paintings, drawings, buildings, and monuments. As a son of a former tourist guide, I believe that my mother's occupation also influenced me unconsciously while I was travelling with her around our country, Turkey, in my early ages." 

About BTU

"At #BTU, I most liked about my diverse and hardworking colleagues, where I felt no discrimination or any kind of unrest. Being a large, colorful and warm family was the most inspiring and significant aspect of my study. "