Olivia Chin, Malaysia (Class of 0)

Image of Olivia Chin smiling in a snowy landscape

(Heritage Dual Degree 2023-2024)

Heritage is our past and our identity. It shows our stories, religion, culture, art, and history, It is important because without heritage, we lose our identity, the identity that slowly evolved through many generations and there is no longer diversity in our culture.

I am proud to have volunteered for ICOMOS Malaysia, for being able to design the branding of their newly launched program called “MY Heritage School”. I designed the program’s logos, branding guide, and posters, also got featured on their Facebook page so that was exciting. I am also excited I got to be involved in one of their measured drawing projects where we measured a royal residence that was usually restricted to outsiders and that was really cool.

My current research interest is UNESCOcide which is a relatively new term meaning the death/delisting of a UNESCO site due to overtourism caused by its World Heritage status. This phenomenon intrigued me because we always have the impression that we are protecting the heritage of the world when we list a site on the World Heritage List. But what about the people living there? Are we protecting heritage at the cost of the present lives of locals?

Having worked as a Graphic Designer and being passionate about design, I am hoping to go into heritage interpretation which is the intersection of creativity and heritage.