May 13th 2022

Applications open: Conservation of Built Heritage in Rome 2023

In response to the global concerns of climate change, rapid urbanization and tourism pressures, and taking into account contemporary thinking related to the conservation of built heritage, including buildings, sites, historic settlements and cultural landscapes, the course is delivered within a sustainable development framework.

CBH aims at serving a wide range of conservation practitioners and decision makers by placing technical issues within the broader conservation context in order to link them to planning and management concerns. The first module of the course will consist of an overview of the development of conservation concepts including different approaches and emerging issues that have evolved in different parts of the world, considered within the sustainable development paradigm. The second module focuses on management systems and planning approaches for cultural heritage currently being adopted. The remaining four course modules will be devoted to looking at the technical aspects of conservation including materials and structures; documentation and diagnosis; context and treatments; management, planning and decision making. In the seventh module, using the knowledge and skills previously discussed and shared as a guide, participants will implement a series of workflows including investigation, conservation treatments and monitoring, with a focus on practice in a specific context. In the final module, participants will present the results of their practical efforts.

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Deadline: 31 August 2022.

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